School Rules

  1. Every student is expected to abide by the school rules and code of conduct.
  2. All students must be present in the Morning Assembly as soon as the school bell rings. They must get into lines for the assembly and after prayer, they shall depart in silence to their classrooms
  3. Wearing a full school uniform daily is compulsory.
  4. Every student shall have a school-diary and he/she must bring it to the school daily.
  5. Any student found damaging school property, shall invite severe punishment and fine.
  6. All students will take part in school games and other school-function unless exempted by the Principal for particular reasons of health hazard as per doctor’s advice.
  7. Without a leave application, students can’t be absent from the school. In case of sickness, a medical certificate should be submitted to the school.
  8. Transfer of school certificate and progress report shall not be issued until all dues are paid.
  9. Students will normally converse in English in the school.